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The Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment (PWOR) is Kingston’s oldest Reserve Unit and only combat arms regiment. The members of the regiment are all part-time soldiers and hold regular civilian jobs or student lives.

Through its participation in the Boer War, World War One, World War Two, a number of international peacekeeping missions, as well as aiding civilian authorities in disaster relief, the Regiment and its part-time soldiers have proudly served Canada since the founding of the Unit in 1863. The battlefield reputation of the PWOR is distinguished, having earned 19 battle honours. This reputation also explains the respect and admiration from both allies and enemy alike and is evident in the regimental motto, Nunquam Cede (Never Yield).

What to Expect

During your first year in the PWOR, you will receive basic military qualification training. You will be taught weapons handling, first aid, drill, and basic military skills, including navigation and survival in field conditions. Physical fitness training is also included in order to develop stamina and determination.

Once your Basic Military Qualification is completed, you will undergo your Infantry training. Here, training becomes more intense and encompasses more weapons training and other skills relevant to those in the Infantry. This training is conducted at the Land Force Area Training Centre located in Meaford, Ontario.

Weekly Meetings

The PWOR trains on Thursday nights from 19OO to 22OO hours (7-10pm) at the Kingston Armouries. Also, field exercises are conducted at least once a month. Summer employment is available in the form of advanced infantry courses.


In the Reserves, you are paid a daily rate based upon your rank level and trade. Reservists are paid at two rates: one rate for less than six hours (a half day) and another rate for more than six hours (a full day). Your pay will be deposited directly into your bank account on the 15th and the last day of each month, with the usual deductions. A pay scale is available from the Government of Canada website (see below).…

Throughout your training, you will be supervised by instructors and assessed on your performance. Promotion is based on successful completion of courses and good overall performance. With promotion comes increased pay and responsibility.

Uniforms and equipment are provided for you at no cost. You will be responsible for maintaining all items loaned to you. While on training exercises or duty away from home, overnight accommodations and meals are normally provided, depending on the type of duty being performed.

Criteria to Join

We are an equal opportunity employer. All branches of the Canadian Forces are open to men and women. We do, however, have certain criteria that must be met by all applicants.

The basic eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • be a Canadian citizen (landed immigrants may apply as non-commissioned members)
  • be of good character
  • be at least 16 years of age, with parental or legal guardian consent for those under age 18
  • meet the educational requirements for your entry plan (minimum education is Grade 10)
  • meet all medical and enrollment standards
  • successfully complete the pre-enrolment fitness evaluation

For More Information

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