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Military Vehicles

The PWOR Museum is no longer able to collect and store vintage military vehicles but does have a good rapport with a number of vintage military vehicle (MV) owners in the Kingston area, which includes two members of the museum staff. Coordinated by a staff member, vintage MVs appear in local parades and static displays, often augmented by a table or two of museum artefacts. The museum and MV owners enjoy the allure and interest that vintage MVs and military memorabilia has for people when they are on public display. Seniors usually recall earlier times with nostalgia and for younger adults and children, it can be a lesson in history.

A few MV owners in the Kingston area belong to the Ontario Military Vehicle Association (OMVA), including two of our museum staff. It is a Province wide group of enthusiasts devoted to the preservation, restoration and showing of vintage military vehicles. For more on their activities, please visit their website,