Cadet Corps

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Cadet Corps were first established more than one hundred years ago (as far back as 1862) when Canada began the instruction of young men attending school in drill and military training.  These young men were initially formed into militia sub units known as Drill Associations that became Cadet Corps in 1898.

One of the greatest factors that influenced present day cadets was the Strathcona Agreement of 1910.  Lord Strathcona, Canadian High Commissioner to Great Britain, deposited $500,000 in trust with the Dominion government to encourage Canadian cadets in citizenship and patriotism through physical training, marksmanship and military drill taught in school.  The trust fund continues to support cadet activities today.

On July 30, 1975, Bill C16 was given Royal Assent and amended the National Defence Act allowing young women to also enrol as cadets.  His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is our Colonel-in-Chief.

Our Corps was originally formed on September 1, 1956 and was known as Queen Elizabeth Collegiate and Vocational Institute, sponsored by the Municipal Board of Education and affiliated with the Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment.  Disbandment took place January 1, 1969.  The Corps reformed on 1 October 1974 and changed the designation to Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps and the Corps continues today as part of the Regimental family.

Army Cadet Motto
As the Maple, So the Sapling