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4 Apr 2016 – Our soldiers now have two new exciting additions to their training toolbox.

The PWOR has received its new x-country ski equipment and these high-end commercial skiis will benefit the biathalon team to be stood up in the fall. New .22 calibre rifles are also on their way. Fitness and marksmanship are principles of good infantry soldiering and a biathalon program is an excellent training mechanism to hone both.

Additionally, the Regiment is now able to more realistically and readily train skills in-house thanks to the addition of Airsoft C8 rifles. These training tools will allow immediate feedback to reinforce individual skills when exercising urban and close combat drills. Stay tuned for news of additional equipment and the development of a permanent on-site facility to allow the soldiers to use the new kit in increasingly effective ways.

We thank the Foundation and members of the chain of command for continually finding imaginative and innovative ways to support soldier training.