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Covid 19 has inflicted upon us a terror that has not been experienced since the Spanish flu of 1918.  That said, common sense and solid trust in science are the only logical tracks to follow in this, or any crisis, no matter how monstrous. The civilized world has fared well in many past tough challenges, and the Battle of Britain was one of them.  The arrogance and pomp of Goering’s directing his fighters to cuddle up to the attacking bombers to protect them instead of allowing them the freedom to capitalize upon speed and surprise, damned the Luftwaffe into defeat, whereas the RAF stuck to known proven tactics, precise airmanship and pristine discipline, and with less than a quarter of the Luftwaffe aircraft, won the day.

Vera Lynn’s song, The White Cliffs of Dover translates the effects of the RAF’s sensibility into a lyric, and during this late summer, marking the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, let’s borrow that RAF sense and nail Covid the way those “few” nailed Goering’s Luftwaffe.

The PMC of the FFOM posted a video on their Facebook page regarding the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which you can find here.

Ted Ryczko