CWO MacKenzie Investiture

27 March 2017 – On Monday 6 March 2017, PWOR RSM, CWO Jamie MacKenzie, MMM, CD attended the investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall during which he was officially made a Member of the Order of Military Merit.

Founded on July 1, 1972, the Order of Military Merit recognizes distinctive merit and exceptional service displayed by the men and women of the Canadian Forces, both Regular and Reserve. Many have demonstrated dedication and devotion beyond the call of duty, and the Order honours them for their commitment to Canada.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Order’s Sovereign, the governor general is its Chancellor and a Commander, and the chief of the Defence Staff is its Principal Commander.

Click for more details on the Investiture Ceremony and Order.

HCol Cowan “usie”

8 November 2016 – Captain M.E. (Sam) Ronholm, C.D., a former P’Dub captured this “usie” with HCol John Scott Cowan just before the Remembrance Day Regimental Church Parade on Sunday, 6 November. This was the last occasion HCol Cowan will be wearing his DEU before stepping down from his appointment on 31 Dec 2016.

(L-R) Capt S Ronholm – HCol JS Cowan

RSM MacKenzie Promotion

29 October 2016 – Pictured below are the 33 CBG and PWOR Command Teams at the occasion of PWOR RSM, Jamie MacKenzie’s, promotion to Chief Warrant Officer.

(L-R) CWO D. Munroe, Col P. Kelly, CWO J. MacKenzie, LCol J. Parkinson.

PWOR Course Graduates

15 August 2016 – Pictured below are the most recent PWOR members to graduate at ATC Meaford.

Two Regimental Officers completed Basic Military Officer Qualification Army (BMOQ-Army) and five soldiers completed Development Period 1 – Infantry (DP1- INF). HLCol Jordan and RSM MacKenzie attended the ceremonies to congratulate the members on their accomplishments.

All seven graduates will find themselves with increased responsibility and will showcase their newly developed leadership and individual skills when they return to Amiens Company in September.

(L-R) OCdt Murray, Pte Langille, Pte Morton; Pte Ramey; HLCol Jordan, MWO Mackenzie, Pte Stevens, Pte Reid, OCdt Lyons.

Col Smith’s own musical score

3 June 2016 – On Wed 1 June, the two Honoraries briefed the Senior Regimental Colonel on the year’s activities.

At the end of the briefing Col Smith was presented with a musical score written by Dr. Jim Finan, especially for Brit, which was played by Col Hutchings, Edward Hutchings and Kevin Orford.

(L-R) HCol Cowan, Col Hutchings, Kevin Orford, Col Smith, Edward Hutchings, and HLCol Jordan.

Colonel Brit Smith’s 96th Birthday

13 May 2016 – Today Colonel Brit Smith is celebrating his 96th birthday.

He was unable to attend Thursday’s end of the training year event so representatives of the Foundation visited him yesterday morning.

He was presented with special birthday greetings from the Commander-in-Chief, His Excellency David Johnson and from The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie.

DSCN1010-2 DSCN1011-2

Colonel Smith was surprised by the special birthday greetings but also with the piping of Happy Birthday performed by Colonel Mark Hutchings and his son Edward, both pipers with the Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment Pipes and Drums.

Expanded Toolbox

4 Apr 2016 – Our soldiers now have two new exciting additions to their training toolbox.

The PWOR has received its new x-country ski equipment and these high-end commercial skiis will benefit the biathalon team to be stood up in the fall. New .22 calibre rifles are also on their way. Fitness and marksmanship are principles of good infantry soldiering and a biathalon program is an excellent training mechanism to hone both.

Additionally, the Regiment is now able to more realistically and readily train skills in-house thanks to the addition of Airsoft C8 rifles. These training tools will allow immediate feedback to reinforce individual skills when exercising urban and close combat drills. Stay tuned for news of additional equipment and the development of a permanent on-site facility to allow the soldiers to use the new kit in increasingly effective ways.

We thank the Foundation and members of the chain of command for continually finding imaginative and innovative ways to support soldier training.

New Website “Mission:Ready”

8 Mar 2016 – Excellent new “One Stop” web portal to CAF and DND resources supporting soldier and family career, finance, health, and spirituality.

Take a minute to learn more about the programs and benefits you and your family have at your disposal to ensure you are Misson Ready.


Burns Nicht

29 Jan 2016 – Robbie Burns Night held on Friday, 29 January at Rennaissance venue in Kingston.

“Address to a Haggis”

Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race!

(L to R) Pipe Major Thomas Flake, Bass Drummer, Danny Sommers, Piper Edward Hutchins, Piper David Gemmill, Drum Sgt David McGrath, MCpl Dan Whittingham

(L to R) MCpl D Whittingham, Piper Edward Hutchins, Piper Brendan Christie, Bass Drum Danny Sommers, Piper David Gemmill, Pipe Major Thomas Flake, Drum Sgt David McGrath.

Hill 70 Project Reception

3 Feb 1016 – On Tue 2 February, 2016 a reception for the Hill 70 Memorial Project was hosted by France’s Ambassador to Canada, Nicolas Chapuis.

Link to Speech delivered by the The Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.

Members of the Band with MND, Hon Harjit Singh Sajjan, PC, OMM, MSM, CD, MP

(L to R – Dmjr Kevin Offord, Piper David Gemmill, MND, MCpl Whiitingham,
Piper Micheal Valiguet, Drum Sgt David McGrath)